Thursday, 24 May 2012

Can You Balance a Family and a Business

Come on, you didn't really expect an easy answer did you? We all know a super woman who can drop her kids off at school on time and impeccably dressed too I may add, with a perfectly packed lunch for each, homework complete with bonus work and a plate of cupcakes for the class, home made of course and what looks to be professionally decorated. Well that woman isn't me!

I'll admit, I used to try to be that mom. Volunteering for every charity I was asked to participate in. Homemade everything. I worked towards a perfectly decorated home. I made costumes, found the perfect gifts, my girls were always well dressed, neat and tidy. I made dinner every night with extras for my husbands lunch. I did daily crafts and participated in the education of my girls like I was a teacher. And then I started my business.

I can't say my priorities have changed because my family has always and always will come first, but I started to consider my needs too. I know a lot of you will think I'm selfish. I do to some times. But I was a professional before my girls and they got to an age where having mom hang off their every movement just wasn't necessary anymore.

I like to think I've done a pretty good job as a mom. My girls (usually) play really nice together, they can entertain themselves now for longer periods of time. I can be working away at something and hear peels of belly laughs coming from one of the bedrooms and know they are doing fine.

Business is good right now but homemade meals are not as often as they used to be. I actually find myself at the grocery store looking for ready made salads and quick meal options. My oldest had a birthday 2 months ago and I didn't even make the cake! (Gasp) But the world isn't over and nobody cared.

We do appreciate our time together a little more now. We don't take it for granted. When we talk about of favourite parts of the day or what happened at school, it may just be over a table of Chinese food, and that's OK. I've decided that's OK! I still make my family a priority and I'm now teaching my girls to go for what they want! Find their passion and make it happen. These too are valuable life lessons. I'm very lucky to have an incredibly supportive husband. He may not get many hot lunches for work anymore but he appreciates my happiness. Was I happy before? Absolutely!!! But I'm just as happy now, and I have something that is for me.

So, can you balance a family and a business? Not every day and not with the same results I had before the business, but I do better than I expected most days. I've learnt to let go of some of the things that aren't as important to me as they used to be. I'm learning to not only be at peace with my decision but to love it! I embrace it and I look forward to doing it all with the love and support of my family.

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