Friday, 16 March 2012

A Gift To Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker has been a fashion icon ever since her role as Carrie Bradshaw in the popular HBO show Sex in the City. So when I was selected by The Artisan Group to have one of my handcrafted jewelry pieces sent in a swag bag for her I was ecstatic to say the least. (Silently squealing and jumping up and down, so as not to wake the kids from nap time.) My oldest thought I was loosing it.

Wouldn't you be excited for this opportunity? Well I assumed every one would be happy for this chance but I actually encountered some less than positive responses. "Why gift someone who obviously can afford to buy it?" And "If I could give away my pieces, I would not give them to a celebrity. I would give them to a charity." These are just 2 of many ney wishers out there.

Both good points but lets talk about those opinions for a minute. Do you notice celebrities and there fashion? Do you read the paper or magazines, watch TV and surf the net?  If you had a product you were hoping to promote would you not love for someone so visible to endorse it for you? If you have products to sell do you not have an advertising budget? 

Even though I have been given the opportunity to gift a celebrity, I will determine what piece I send to Sarah Jessica Parker. I consider this as part of my advertising budget. Let's say the piece I send to her has a value of $100, that's less that what it would cost to place a small add in my local paper. Placing my add will not guarantee me any sales, just like sending this gift won't either. But imagine if Sarah actually wore my piece and was photographed, what sort of response do you think that would bring? Would that be worth $100? How about if she liked it and told some friends about my shop? I may even get a thank you note for the gift signed by her. At the very least I  can use this gifting opportunity to market my shop. This all seems like a small price to pay for all the positive that could come from offering a celebrity a gift.

Maybe I should gift to charity instead, was another comment. What that person might like to know is that I do gift to charities, they just never asked. In the last year alone I have gifted items to the Local Woman and Children's Shelter, The Big Brothers and Sisters Organization of my town, the Achimota Centre for Autism as well as donations to the Toronto Sick Kids Hospital, a charity very near to my heart! In fact I am currently in works with the Toronto Sick Kids Hospital to be able to gift a portion of the proceeds from all of my sales to them. This however requires a lot of legal talk and organization so although it's in the works, I can't proceed until they agree.

This work from home mom is excited for this opportunity and is especially happy to be gifting another proud mom. I love that she enjoys spending time with her 3 kids and and does regular things like take them to the park and walk her son to school. She is also a supporter of UNICEF, a worthy charity that helps children around the world. So for now, I'm going to carry on with my feelings of being on cloud nine and choose to ignore the negative comments. At least I will now that I've said my piece! ;)

To see the completed Sarah Jessica Parker swag gift piece, visit my shop at  I will post a similar version available to be purchased by March 22, 2012.

If you would like to help me support these worthy causes, you can find them here:
The Toronto Sick Kids Hospital -
Woman and Children's Shelter of Barrie -
Big Brothers and Sisters of Barrie -
Achimota Centre for Children With Autism -