Friday, 24 February 2012

Crafts for Bigger Kids

Well, I don't know if you know this about me but I have 2 girls of my own, ages 7 and 4 and I also provide childcare for 2 other children ages 8 and 3. Finding things to do to keep everyone busy is sometimes a struggle because of the age difference. I actually find it quite easy to find fun stuff for the little ones but sometimes have a harder time occupying the bigger kids.

If you read my last post you will have learnt about my new addiction, Pinterest. Not only is it fun but I have found so many great craft ideas for the kids to do when they get home from school and finally even some for the big kids too. Today I'm sharing some of my favourites. I'll give you direct links to tutorials and show you some of the finished product from our craft time.

1. Who doesn't love to colour? Even big kids can enjoy colouring again with these more elaborate designs.
Here's one that my 7yr old completed. All the kids made them and used them as puppets and had dragon races. It was a fun way to celebrate Chinese New Year!

2. Bring out the little chemists. How about some homemade lip gloss or solid perfume?

Cool-Aide Lip Gloss
A great site for many kids crafts and bento lunch box ideas!!

Here's our finished cool-aide lip gloss. We didn't print the free printable labels but they still look so cute. We used medicine containers purchased from Walmart in the pharmacy section. Even Our one boy made these to give to mom for Valentines. P.S. they taste good too  :)

Home made solid perfume

3. Fun with string.

Really, if you look through the sites where these projects came from, you'll find so many fun and creative things to do with your bigger little kids. Some of them will be new and exciting. Others will be oldies but goodies. But really, with so much great content out there these days , it's easy to find something to do. Even on yucky days like today!

So, get searching. Get creative. Get messy and have some fun with your kids!!
See more creative and fun projects by following my craft and DIY boards on Pinterest here:

Have a great weekend!
Colleen ;)

That's TWO girls in my case! <3

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